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Lyric Road

Released in 2013, this was my first album.
The creation of Lyric Road was the culmination many things musical in my life. Above all, it is of my love for music that made this project the accomplishment of a lifetime for me. I suppose it will always be my favorite album because it was my first one. Aqueduct road runs in front of our property in east Houston.  This was the foundation for the title of the album. When we first brought our property, this road was rarely traveled and sometimes you could go an hour or longer without seeing a vehicle. The road always had a nice breeze, and I used to go and sit down in the middle of the road with a small ice chest and my thoughts. The warm asphalt felt good to the touch and simply put, it was inspirational. It was the kind of solitude that provided a nice environment for the creation of lyrics and rhythm’s.        

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